Dear Guest, welcome to Buongiorno Italian Restaurant in Guangzhou and Dongguan. Our Aim is to offer the most authentic Italian dining experience. We are driven by passion and guided by tradition. Our warm and professional service, along with deliciously prepared Italian dishes makes for a truly memorable experience.


亲爱的顾客,欢迎来到我们广州和东莞的邦奴意大利餐厅。我们的宗旨为顾客提供最正宗的意大利用餐体验。 我们一直是带着做意大利菜的热爱为动力和做传统意大利菜为指引的理念来经营我们的餐厅,我们希望用我们热情和专业的服务,以及美味可口的意大利菜,给您留下真正的难忘的体验。

Our History & Values

Before 2006 it was extremely difficult for people traveling to Guangzhou to find reliable western restaurants, let alone Italian restaurants. This gave us the idea to create Buongiorno, that we opened in August of 2006. It was a huge success from the very beginning. Since the early start we have been very dedicated to bring authentic Italian flavours to the heart of China, attracting the interest of local and foreign clientele.

We are driven by passion and guided by tradition. Our dishes are prepared with the highest quality ingredients and a fine balance of flavors; we strive hard for excellent taste and to serve you authentic italian cuisine. Our Executive Chef Massimo Canzian personally sources and grades our top-quality imports from Italy and works along our staff, who is constantly trained and very knowledgeable about Italian food and wine. We are here to warmly welcome you and deliver a memorable, rich experience each and every time you visit.


我们的经营理念就是激情和传统。为了保证菜品质量,我们采用最高品质的食材烹制,使味道均衡; 做出更加出色的味道。 由行政总厨Massimo Canzian亲自采购,选择和采用一流的食材,其中大部分是进口的。 同样我们培训我们的服务员在了解意大利食品和葡萄酒同时能够有热情周到的服务。 我们的目标就是您的每次来访,都会有难忘的体验。

General Manager  

Alessandro Bonafé, co-owner and general manager at Buongiorno, was born in the Italian Alpine province of Alto Adige. His grandparents owned a hotel in the renowned Gardena Valley in the heart of the Dolomites, where he spent his youth in kitchens and dining rooms acquiring a love for the hospitality industry and culinary arts. During his adolescence, Alessandro took on roles in the family business as a barkeeper and waiter, experience that enriched his natural affinity for engaging and entertaining diners. Alessandro is certified with the AIS, the Italian sommelier association, and brings his passion for conviviality, Italian cuisine, and wine to Buongiorno.


Alex Bonafé, co-owner and GM at Buongiorno


Alex Bonafé,是邦奴意大利餐厅的的创始人和总经理,出生于意大利北部最大的省份上阿迪杰。他曾是小孩时,就喜欢一直待在餐厅的厨房。他的祖父母在多洛米蒂山著名的Gardena山谷正中拥有一家酒店,在他的高中时期,为了帮助了他的家族生意,他作为酒保和服务员在那里工作,这让他热爱上了餐饮服务这个行业,他喜欢与客人们聊天并热情地招待他们,Alex Bonafé 同时也是AIS认证的侍酒师,是由意大利侍酒师协会颁发。他把对于宴会交际,意大利菜和葡萄酒的热情带到了邦奴餐厅。


Business functions, private dinner parties, friends gathering… regardless the occasion we will assist in designing the ideal menu for every occasion. We will take care of the errands and hassles that come with hosting a party. Highly professional service along with delicious and well-presented food will make your function unique and unforgettable.


商务功能,私人宴会,朋友聚会…无论何时我们将为您的每一个场合协助设计理想的菜单。 我们会照顾主办方对派对提出的差事。高度专业的服务以及精心准备的美味食物将会使您流连忘返的。


Guangzhou 广州

Buongiorno – Guangzhou

3rd Floor Yian Plaza, 33 Jiansheliumalu Road, 510060 Guangzhou
Tel: 020 83633587

广州市越秀区建设六马路33号宜安广场3楼 510060
电话:020 83633587

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